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Paint Markers

Our markers are used in all sorts of industries, including paper and wood, automotive, warehousing, carpet, steel, electrical, chemical, pipe, baking, and meat packing. Valve-action markers deliver a measured supply of ink to the tip for consistent, permanent marks. Capillary-action felt-tip markers produce permanent, waterproof marks for general applications quickly and conveniently Here are our most popular markers.

2018P Black Markers (Sold in 12 Pack)

Heavy-duty, heavy hitter. The only marker with a larger diameter barrel to hold more ink - and it's easy to hold, too! Durable pigmented paint marker will make its mark on most surfaces. Replaceable bullet tip and airtight cap. Available in black, blue, light green, green, orange, pink, red, white, yellow, plus replacement and taper down tips. Other colors available; Black, Red, White, Blue, Lt. Green, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow.

$35.40 each
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GP-X Classic Markers, 12 Pack

Available in eight weather-and fade-resistant colors and with replaceable tips. Makes permanent marks on: porous and non-porous surfaces, metal, wood, corrugated, rubber, plastic, and glass.

Due to increased sales and demand for the GP-X Classic, we have expanded your choice of colors.

By adding five new colors, you now have the choice of thirteen long lasting, UV light resistant permanent color choices.

The GP-X Classic Stands The Test Of Time.
A permanent fixture as the industry's favorite weather and fade resistant, permanent all surface marker.
$33.00 each
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GP-X Spike Solid Paint Markers. 12 Pack

The affordable, all-surface performer.

Designed for marking on surfaces up to 150 Fahrenheit degrees, this inexpensive marker is ideal for most surfaces, including metal, wood, and rubber. Available in white, yellow, black, red, and blue. Colors available; Red, White, Yellow, Black and Blue.

$16.08 each
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GP-X Grizzly Markers, 3 per box

The Marker Everyone Loves Just Got Wider

Sold; 3 Order in multiples of: 3

When you want a wide mark, these beasts will meet your every need. The GP-X Grizzly is available in eight vibrant colors and permanently marks on porous & non-porous surfaces including Metal, Wood, Corrugated, Rubber, Plastic, Glass and so much more. It's everything you love about the GP-X Classic, only wider!

Colors available; White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red and Green.

$14.30 each
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GP-X Anchor Marker, 12 pack

Make a splash with our new water based marker

The GP-X Anchor is our new water-based marker which means less solvents; so it is safer for you, safer for the environment, and is unregulated for all modes of shipping.

The GP-X Anchor contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), no Proposition 65 Reportable Chemicals, is SARA 313 Compliant, CONEG/RoHS Compliant, and has VOCs less than one pound per gallon.

Colors available: Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, White and Green.

$32.40 each
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Replacement Tips for Paint Markers, 12/Pack

Give your markers new life simply by replacing the tip. Rplacement tips for paint markers come 12 per package.

Choose from the standard bullet tip or the step-down for a finer mark.

These tips work with the GP-X Classic, 2018P, & 563 Speedry Markers.

TIP, REPLACEMENT PKG OF 12 for GP-X, 2018 & 563 Markers

$83.40 each
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