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Metal stencils are the most durable and long-lasting stencils available on the market today. Nothing is more sturdy or reliable than a metal stencil. At National Stencil, we can provide you with custom metal stencils for industrial or residential use that are of the highest quality. In addition, you won’t find lower prices on custom stencils than at National Stencil and we’ll beat anyone’s price by five percent.

Click below to find out more about our custom brass stencils. Ordering custom stencils for text you frequently use is a great choice -- it makes stenciling the same message repeatedly a much easier task and reduces the risk of losing a single alphabet stencil and not being able to do your job. Along with custom stencils, we also carry letter and number stencils along with stencils for parking lots, buildings and storm drains.

We can also create a stencil from many different materials of your company or organization’s logo. Along with stencils, we have a wide range of stenciling materials to choose from. Browse through our inventory on the site to find the items you are looking for.

Click below for all available SIZES and LETTERS that you need.


Brass material pricing fluctuates from month to month.
For all Custom Brass Stencils please call or email us for quote.

PLEASE NOTE: On all international shipping orders - International shipping charges are much higher than domestic since International shipping charges fluctuate almost daily - your order will be charged for the items you wish to purchase when you finish checking out in our online store, but we will not process or ship your order until we have received authorization from you for the additional shipping charges. A second bill for shipping charges will be sent by email for the total shipping charges owed. After you give us final authorization by email or by phone you will be billed and your order processed and shipped out in a timely manner. Thank You!
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