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Magnetic stencils are the perfect way for you to do stenciling work on metallic objects. Simply place the magnetic stencil onto the metallic surface and apply the ink or paint. It’s a hands-free solution that offers you with maximum stability when applying a letter or number stencil to any metal surface. National Stencil offers our customers top-quality magnetized custom made stencils for the lowest rates in the industry.

Click below to check out the different magnetic stencil options we have available. Along with alphanumeric stencils, we can create any kind of logo stencil you need. Let us know the details and we can get you a fast and accurate quote on a custom stencil design. We also offer ready-to-ship logo stencils for common uses. Whether you need a handicap stencil for your parking lot or a “No Dumping” stencil for a storm drain, you can find the most popular stencils here at low prices.

Along with magnetic stencils, we can make custom stencils from a wide range of materials. Check out our variety of stencils including oil board, Mylar and metal stencils. And don’t forget to add important stenciling supplies like paint, ink and brushes to your order as well!




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