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StencilMAX CC-S60 II Computerized Stencil & Decal Cutting System

Your Price $4,350.00
StencilMAX CC-S60 II Computerized Stencil & Decal Cutting System

Easy to Use Stencil Software. Looking for a computerized/electronic stencil cutting machine for your business? The StencilMAX CC-S60 II Computerized Stencil Cutting System is used in many industrial settings to cut stencils ranging from 1/4" text to 24" text. The uses for our computerized stencil machines are unlimited! Our stencil makers provide customized stencils for the aerospace industry, automotive industry, custom precast stencils, stencils for crating and manufacturing, as well as customized stencils for steel, pipe, and welding uses. Our custom stencil cutting system is heavy duty and will last for years! We offer a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

Overview: DrawCut LITE cutting software single license
DrawCut LITE controls the StencilMAX CC-S60 II Computerized Stencil & Decal Cutting Machine.
DrawCut LITE has extensive functions for designing, drawing, arranging objects and creating texts. In addition, DrawCut LITE installs, calibrates and controls your CC-S60 II cutting plotter comfortably and with many clear wizards and simple functions. You will receive your DrawCut LITE serial number in the stencil cutter packaging, along with instructions which you can use to download and install DrawCut LITE from www.draw-cut.com. Software products are generally excluded from being returned.

Technical Data
Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bit),, Windows 8, 8.1 (32/64 bit) and Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
Supported vinyl cutters: StencilMAX CC-S60 II
Download trial version: http://www.draw-cut.com/

About this stencil cutter. This stencil cutter is an output device, automatically controlled by your computer, similar to a printer. Instead of printing ink, the stencil cutter cuts out objects such as fonts or geometric shapes from materials using a small knife. Usually EasyCut or Stencilboard-SSB stencil materials are used with this system. This stencil cutter can handle several other materials consisting of two layers, such as stencil masks and vinyls. During a cut process, the stencil cutter's blade only cuts the film itself (top
layer). The material's carrier (bottom layer) remains intact and holds the newly cut stencil together, until it is peeled from the carrier backing. You can then use your stencil on your desired surface with paint, ink, chalk, etc.

- Character Sizes: 1/4” to 24”
- 2 Year Warranty Parts & Labor
- Easy to use Stencil Software

StencilMAX CC-S60 II Stencil & Decal Cutting System
System includes Stencil Cutter Machine, Stencil Cutting software, Cutter stand, USB cable, 2 blades,

Blade Types:
60 degree blades - Standard and Cobra
Command Sets:
Compatible with HP-GL
Driving Method:
Friction feed
Included Items: 
Blade holder, pen holder, 2x blades, USB cable
Max Cutting Width: 
Max Feed Width: 
Max Pressure: 
750 g
Max Speed: 
960 mm/s
Very low
Number of Pinch Rollers: 
(4) on 28”
Power Requirements: 
Works on 110-120v @ 3amp or 200-240v @ 2amp
Contour Cutting: 
Yes - Manual
Intended Use:
Professional / Industrial
Engineered & Manufactured by Secabo of Germany, Assembled in China
OS Compatibility: 
28 inch

Stand is included with the cutter.

 Total Weight; 170 lbs

Measurement of shipment; 45L x 45W x 32H

Any questions call 800-969-6699 or email us at Sales@NationalStencil.com
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