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4-Way Interlocking Stencil Sets
Recycle Stencil
Radioactive Stencil
Poison Stencil
Flammable Stencil
Fragile Symbol Stencil
Fragile Freight Stencil
Fragile Stencil
Keep Dry Stencil
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Interlocking 4-Way-Lock Stencil Sets

Interlocking 4-Way-Lock-Stencils

Each individual stencil has four sides allowing you to lock each stencil together to create your custom word or phrases. The locking system allows for pre-spacing of each letter or number.

All 4-Way-Locking Stencil sets are only sold on our industrial grade material. We offer sizes between 3"-36" on a 60-mil, 1/16" Thick plastic material. 

Choose from our Alphabet & Numerical Sets. Additional Spacer Sets and custom fonts are available.

  • Durable 1/16" plastic for long-lasting service.
  • Clean up easily with paint solvent.
  • Quick, legible signs on all surfaces.
  • Stencils slide together and come apart easily.
  • Use brush, spray ink, paint or markers.
  • Reusable - long lasting.
  • Individual stencils available, please call customer service at 800-969-6699.
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4-Way-Lock Stencil
All number sets come with 25 pieces that include two each of 0-9, two dashes, and three spacers.

4-Way-Lock Stencil
All alpha sets come with 40 pieces that include: A-Z plus an extra A,E,I,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T and three spacers.