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Handicap Stencil
Handicap Stencils

Handicap Stencil, 1 or 2 Part 39"x39 60 Mil.

SKU: ST-CC0077A39
Your Price $92.50

Handicap Stencil, 1 or 2 Part 39"x39 60 Mil.

Our 60-mil (1/16 inch thick) Handicap 2 part stencils are made to last. They can be cleaned and reused many times over. These are considered to be our most durable plastic stencils available.

All of our Handicap stencils are designed with a 4 inches of extra material for prevention of overspray. We suggest using inverted spray marking paints or traffic paints for parking lot and road applications.

The 2-part handicap stencil is a two-step process and there is the extra charge of $65.00 of having us provide the extra 2 part stencil, see below for pricing details.

One sheet is used to paint the background color (usually blue) and the second sheet paints the handicap parking stencil image and the border (usually in white or yellow).

Choose with, or without the border below.


Please call for a quote on the type of marking paint you may need, and we will be happy to assist you with any special request you may have, toll free at 1-800-969-6699 or email us at Sales@NationalStencil.com

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