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73X Ink

73X Industrial Ink - Gallon

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73X Industrial Ink - Gallon

Gallon - You choose the color below

Adherence: Even though it is a non-etching ink the adherence qualities are good on clean bare metals of all kinds, glass, most plastics, and rubber compounds with the exception of silicone. Prior to testing adherence, we recommend an air-dry period of 24 hours. An application of heat (when the surface temperature reaches 250˚F) for 30-35 minutes will give even better adherence and greater solvent resistance.

Resistance:  The ink is resistant to water, salt spray, gasoline, lubrication oils, alipathics, hydrocarbons, many alkaline and detergent compounds, as well as some degreasing solvents. Exposure to temperatures up to 350˚F does not appreciably affect adherence, although the shade of some colors may change slightly.

Corrosion: Since the ink is not compounded with toxic or harmful acids, it is non-corrosive on aluminum alloys, magnesium, stainless, titanium, and many of the exotic space metals.

Performance Specifications:  When properly applied, meets or exceeds the performance requirements of Federal Specification TT-I-1795 now cancelled and superseded by G.S.A. Spec. AA-208 Type I Rev. A

Tariff code; 3215.11.0060

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White.

Any questions call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com

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